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Guide to Renting a Villa for your Holidays

Why do people go on holidays? Many of us travel to sit in the sunshine beach, some like to spend their time in exploring nook & corner, taking great experiences from lesser known cities. A decade ago, to book a holiday you would have walked to your local travel agent, with a brochure in hand, and booked everything there and then. Easily done, but modern websites have put bricks and mortar Travel Agents on the brink of extinction. Now, everything from your accommodation, flights, insurance, and airport transfers is available to book at a button touch.

If you plan to rent a villa for your holiday, make sure that the villa holiday meets all of your requirements. 

Here are some villa renting tips that may come handy:

Stick to your budget

Guide to Renting a Villa for your Holidays

You need to determine first if you want budget accommodation or a luxury villa. Villa rentals differ in price, and this also dictates what kind of comfort and perks it comes with. It would help if you also put into the equation the transportation you will need to get to the villa. Will, you just be renting a car or a van, or will you need a ferry to get to your villa?

What you want to do

Guide to Renting a Villa for your Holidays

It would help if you determined what you want to get out of your holiday. You may wish to a retreat with your family and relax around the pool, or maybe you want to go out and get a villa near the city and major tourist spots. Make a checklist of the things that your family wants and check out villas that meet these needs.

Kid Safety

Guide to Renting a Villa for your Holidays

Ensure that the villa you are renting will be safe for children and have amenities available to keep the kids busy and happy on your holiday. If you are traveling with a baby, you also need to ask if there will be a high chair, or will there be a doctor or hospital facility nearby in case of emergencies.

Size of the property

Guide to Renting a Villa for your Holidays

You will not be charged on a per person basis but the length of your stay on the villa. Usually, you can book a villa on a per week basis. The bigger the villa, the more rooms, the more luxury amenities – the pricier it gets. So you have to think about how big a villa you will be needed if you are going on holiday with your family or friends. Plan how many rooms, how many bathrooms, and what kind of amenities and services you will need.

Dates of the Vacation

Plan well when it comes to a villa holiday. School vacations will also mean peak use of these villa rentals. You might want to book way ahead of time. Some villas are reserved a year in advance, especially for some families who wish to return in the same period next year. You also need to be flexible and adjust to your flight schedules or ferry schedules.


Most villas have specific days when you can check-in and out. Property owners usually welcome guests on Saturdays. In case you want a more extended stay, you have to arrange for this in advance since the place might be booked for other travelers. You might also ask for discounts if you are using the facilities on the off-peak season.

Swimming Pool

Guide to Renting a Villa for your Holidays

A beautiful swimming pool is a must for most family villa holidays. Check with the company or owner if the size and features of the pool fit your needs. Also, see if there will be a kiddy pool for the young ones. Ask if you will be charged for heaters and if the pool is exclusive to you and your family or shared with other renters of nearby villas.

Where to go

Guide to Renting a Villa for your Holidays

You can find villas up for rent in most countries. If you have a destination in mind, you have to think next to the villa’s location that you want to hire. Do you want to get something close to a beach, near the metro, or may you want it somewhere in the middle of nowhere?

You may want a secluded villa for your vacation and bonding time with the family. Still, you need to think of some practicalities too. Will it be near any grocery or a restaurant if you want something in the middle of the night? Is transportation readily available in case of emergencies?


Guide to Renting a Villa for your Holidays

Most villas are self-catering. Check if you will have access to a good kitchen with a fair amount of equipment like stove, pans, pots, etc. Some villas also have staff that can help you get supplies from the local market or nearby stores if you want to save yourself some hassle and time.

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