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What you Need to Know When Choosing a Travel Backpack

Backpacking is one of the most efficient ways to explore the world. If you know the right places to stay and are ready for loads of adventure without breaking your wallet, you’re in for a real treat. However, it’s called “backpacking” for a reason.

A lot of the money you will be investing in will be put on your travel pack, and a bad travel pack can ruin your travel plans. Here are guides to help you choose the perfect travel pack for your needs.

Right Style

What you Need to Know When Choosing a Travel Backpack

The best style to choose is an internal frame backpack. This way, you can keep all of the essentials inside your pack without worrying about them getting lost in the heap. There’s a compartment for all the requirements. The only time people need to attach anything out of the internal frame backpack is when they’re going camping and bringing along tents and sleeping bags. The inner frame backpack is also only big enough to let you pack what you need. First-time travelers often make the mistake of bringing too many things on their trips. The internal frame backpack won’t let you do this because the inessentials won’t fit into your pack. You’ll be forced to choose the items you need.

Perfect Size

What you Need to Know When Choosing a Travel Backpack

On a general note, about 3,000 to 5,000 cubic inches (these can hold anywhere between 50 and 80 liters of luggage) is the perfect size for backpacking. It’s just big enough to allow you to bring all the things you need to bring, but at the same time, the pack won’t be too heavy for you to lug around just in case you’re climbing up a mountain. Try not to pack your bag to the brim. In your travel, you’re bound to bring something back, so leave a little extra space. Also, the lighter your pack is, the more efficient and comfortable you will travel.

Durability reviews

What you Need to Know When Choosing a Travel Backpack

Of course, there’s more to choosing a travel pack than simply looking at the design and the promised capacity. You need to look at the materials and the stitches on your travel pack too. It’s okay to purchase an expensive package if it’s something that would last you for years. Also, check the buckles and the zippers. Some packs use high-quality fabric, but the zippers and the buckles are flimsy. This would make your travel experience very bothersome.

Right Fit

What you Need to Know When Choosing a Travel Backpack

No one size or style’s right for all travelers. Everyone has his/her travel style. You need to figure out how many days you’re usually away, how many clothes you need, etc. You can figure out whether to get a small, medium or large travel pack from here. Aside from that, your body frame also matters. Try on different packs and see how well it fits your torso. The perfect package can be filled with 50 lbs of items and still feel comfortable for you to carry. Check for shoulder pads, adjustment straps, etc. The pack itself mustn’t be too big or too small for your body. As for the tallness of the pack, test it. If you look up and it hits the back of your head, that means it’s too tall for you.

Side vs. Top

What you Need to Know When Choosing a Travel Backpack

Top-loading packs are more popular than side loading ones simply because they minimize the risk of spillages if the zipper becomes faulty, and it’s easier to handle packs that open from the top. However, sideloading packs allow you to access more of your things even while in transit because it opens up like a duffel bag. You need to make sure the zippers are very sturdy, though. The debate about whether side loading packs are better than top-loading ones have been going on for a long time. However, it’s really up to you. Each traveler has his/her own specific needs. Look at how you travel and make your decision from your own unique experience.

Mind where you buy

The safest way to buy authentic, branded travel packs is to check on your area’s list of backpack retailers. However, a lot of people want to widen their horizons. You can also check out online auction places like Craigslist,, and eBay. Just make sure you’re dealing with someone who can be trusted. Read their clients’ testimonials. Also, educate yourself about how to identify high-quality backpacks, especially if you’re purchasing high end or costly ones.

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