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Top Six Amazing Hotel Beds Across the Globe

If you’re the type who works more than twelve hours a day, six days a week, it’s most likely that you’ve forgotten what your bed is for. Nearly all working Americans hardly get enough sleep, work, and late-night television to bed with them. These hotels might give you the required refresher course on relaxing after a hard day’s work.

Loisaba Wilderness in Kenya

Amazing Hotel Beds Across the Globe

Who says camping out needs to be stressful? When you enjoy the wildlife of Kenya’s Loisaba Wilderness, you get to sleep under the stars in the comfort of a four-poster bed. Don’t worry because a mosquito net covers it, so those gigantic African bugs won’t be feasting on your blood while you sleep.

The resort is a huge 61,000-acre private property just a little off the equator, in Northern Laikipia, Kenya. If you’re a photographer, you’ll have a field day here, what with the unfenced pastures, and chance sightings of wild dogs, giraffes, zebras, and other wild animals? The room is the Started location is also quite cool since it sits right next to the Ewaso Nyiro River.

If you’ve been fantasizing about being Tarzan or Mowgli as a child, you must sleep in this bed. Aside from enjoying nature to its fullest, you’ll also be helping a good cause. The Loisaba Community Trust owns part of the property. It gives a portion of their profits to fund the building of classrooms in Africa, but less fortunate children through school, and pay for a part of the teacher’s salaries.

Elqui Domos in Chile

Amazing Hotel Beds Across the Globe

Another batch of bedrooms designed to let you stargaze before you sleep can be found in Chile’s Elqui Domos. The tents have retractable dome roofs that let you gaze at the night sky while you doze off. That sure beats fancy, artificial lighting in a more conventional hotel. Elqui Domos have two-story structures that are inspired explicitly by Astronomy. You can observe up to 120 degrees of the night sky from your bed.

If you want a more educational experience, you can take notes as you go through the hotel’s astronomy tour. You get to name the constellations if you paid close attention to their exclusive time, which are only given to guests. If you’re not quite in the mood to lie down in a tent, you can also view the night sky more closely though a telescope in their two-story villas’ terraces.

The property sits in the Elqui Valley, secluded from the rest of Chile’s night light’s. This makes for a clear view of the stars. Most of the clientele are astronomers, themselves, looking for a way to study the stars in a more comfortable setting. Amateurs who appreciate the night sky also frequent this hotel.

It doesn’t matter what time of the year you go there unless you’re particularly interested in the moon’s coordination. If that’s the case, the hotel posted a lunar calendar on their website to book your stay. If falling stars are your thing, you can go there any time of the year. The hotel’s remote location makes for the night sky’s best views in that part of the world.

The Floating Bed in Paris

Amazing Hotel Beds Across the Globe

The Eifel tower is overrun with tourists. If you’re looking for something more avant-garde, you should visit Paris’ Latin Quarter. Look for One by Five and get to suspend your disbelief, quite literally. This boutique hotel has only one suite, and this suite has a pretty unique bed. Futuristically-inspired, the bed “floats” from the floor, giving the sleeper a momentary Cloud Nine vibe before falling off to sleep.

The downside is that this suite is practically sin-free. You can’t actually do much in the bed save for sleep (it’s not the best place to have your honeymoon in) because there’s a webcam monitoring all the activities. This image is then broadcasted to a closed-circuit television set which is also in the same suite.

Chances are, you’ll also be up all night trying out the other widgets in the suite. There’s a mood-lit shower in the bathroom, and the dressing table is stocked with perfume. While the bed itself is designed for a cloud-nine-sleep, there are so many exciting details in the art installation that will keep you up all night long.

If you’re Jane and George Jetson in real life, though, this can spark up the romance. To check-in, just cross the street to its parent hotel. Your breakfast, though, will be delivered to your suite’s door.

Flying Bed in Berlin

Amazing Hotel Beds Across the Globe

Another bed thats literally on top of the line is the flying bed in Berlin’s Propeller Island Lodge. This bed is your cushioned version of the flying carpet in Aladdin. Quite the art installation, this suite’s floor is tilted at 15 degrees, which triggers the illusion that the bed is flying. To keep up with the theme, all the room furnishings are also secured onto the tiled floor, so they’re not sliding off as you go off into deep slumber.

To make things clear, the words “Distorted Room” are also painted across the wall. With the force of gravity working against the suite’s structure, though, the clarification was probably unnecessary. It’s an attractive room, though, if you’re an art student, a risk-taker, or a hipster.

If the flying bed’s not your thing, you can also choose among the other options, which are just as odd. There are coffin beds, kaleidoscope beds, a bed built under the floor, and a bed built like a fortress. The Propeller Island Lodge markets itself as a post-modern hotel, and with this odd mix of cool and creepy, they mean it.

Monumental Views in Agra’s Oberoi Amarvilas

Amazing Hotel Beds Across the Globe

If you want a bed that views the most spectacular sunsets across the globe, you’d like to book yourself a room in Oberoi Amarvilas. Located in right beside the Taj Mahal, so the “monumental view” was not an exaggeration. Indeed, hopeless romantics would flock to this hotel (if they have the means to) to get a glimpse of the famous Taj Mahal.

For those who don’t know, the Taj Mahal was built by Emperor Shah Jahan. This was supposed to be a memoir for his late wife, Mumtaz Mahal. This is an ideal honeymoon destination if you’re trying to express your undying love to your other half.

To dodge the risk of sleeping in too late, you can request a wake-up call before the sun rises. Architecture lovers will also appreciate the grandeur of the structure from the bedroom window. You can even sign up for a closer look through the hotel’s buggy-ride through the Taj’s gates. This lasts for a fleeting five minutes, but it’s better than going there with the rest of the day-trippers.

VIP Beds in Shanghai

Amazing Hotel Beds Across the Globe

While the thought of having a penthouse room isn’t anything new, when you’re sleeping in a bed on the 88th floor of the Park Hyatt, Shanghai, you’ll feel like a significant person. The view from above will just establish your bragging rights. Juxtaposing the chaotic city surrounding the hotel, you’ll be thankful that you’re in your new suite and not down there.

The suite is a haven you can come to after work. The hotel’s Water’s Edge Spa and Tai Chi courtyard only add to the charm (and the prestige). The bathing areas of the 88th-floor suites are also indulgent. The water from your shower will stream down from a 12-foot ceiling. If that doesn’t uplift you, nothing will.

While this suite is not for someone afraid of heights, someone craving for heights and power will feel like a king from this floor. If you want to go higher than that, visit the 92nd floor and drink from heaven at the 100 Century Avenue Bar. Treat yourself to jazz music and a good bottle of wine. You’ll be in Zen in no time.

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