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10 Luxury Hotel Suites in Las Vegas

Usually, when one says Las Vegas, people conjure all kinds of magnificent pictures in their heads. From casinos to hotels, the place offers you a luxurious lifestyle. Here, we focus on Luxury Hotel Suites in Las Vegas; from waterfalls in the entrance to ceilings with mirrors, Las Vegas’ architects and designers have played with our imagination. They have made them come to life playful wonderland.

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Sky Villa in Aria

10 Luxury Hotel Suites in Las Vegas

Seventy thousand square feet and technologically advanced. This describes one of the newest hotel suites in Las Vegas. Upon entering the room, the guest is treated to a spectacular view of the city, as curtains automatically open. Every electronic piece in the room can be controlled by a single remote – from the lights to the sound system. For those looking for peace, one touch of the excellent night button will plunge the room in complete darkness and silence. Aesthetically speaking, the whole hotel will make one proud to be a guest there, and the technological advancements are only a bonus.

Chairman Suite in Bellagio

10 Luxury Hotel Suites in Las Vegas

For a classy businessman, this suite is a dream come true. After a long day’s work, one can step inside the meditation/yoga room, and separated only by a glass wall is a wet bar. The suite reminds one of a relaxing garden, as there are ferns that decorate the room, which is glass-enclosed. There is also a stone pathway inside the room and a fountain that gives off a relaxing sound of trickling water. All these will make you feel grounded, even though you are 33 stories above.

Wraparound Terrace Suite in The Cosmopolitan

10 Luxury Hotel Suites in Las Vegas

This is the newest hotel and casino in Las Vegas, and it certainly offers something out of the ordinary. It is tired of playing the traveler’s role or going around the city that never sleeps? This suite will instantly take you home – although a high class one – complete with subzero appliances in the kitchen, a washer and dryer, a dining area with its own space, and a private terrace that’s 480 square feet in size. And these are only some of the things that this suite-turned-home has to offer.

Emperor Suite at Mandarin Oriental

10 Luxury Hotel Suites in Las Vegas

Known as one of the top elegant hotels, Mandarin Oriental has a unique style incorporating Asian-inspired Feng Shui design to Las Vegas. But this is not all. There are different kinds of suites; from Art Deco style to traditional Asian, the traveler will surely enjoy the luxury that this hotel brand offers. What distinguishes the Emperor Suite is its portrayal of Shanghai during the 1930s; very dramatic in style and sensual, this room’s walls are even upholstered using white leather. It also includes a grand piano.

Crib Suite in Palms

10 Luxury Hotel Suites in Las Vegas

Fun-loving travelers, both young and old, will get a thrill out of this fantastic suite that Palms hotel offers. Inside the room are a pool table, hydraulic bed, and DJ booth, making it the best party suite ever, or simply relaxing and having a good time with family and friends. There are other suites in the hotel called Fantasy Suites. George Maloof personally designed this and the different suites to give it a unique look and feel.

Diva Mega Suite in Rumor

10 Luxury Hotel Suites in Las Vegas

Is rumor a boutique hotel famous for its suites—thinking of a place for bridal showers? Or an oversized room that unleashes the diva in every woman? Then this is the perfect suite to book. This sexy suit is swathed in hot pink; plush headboard, pink mirrors, and a female figure’s mural will inspire every woman who comes into the room to don a sexy little dress and high heels. One need not prance around the Strip, as the hotel’s courtyard has lounge areas with silver pillows where one can sit back, listen to some music, and sip wine.

Presidential Suite in Palazzo

10 Luxury Hotel Suites in Las Vegas

When Las Vegas was against so-called theme hotels, the palazzo decided to open and is dedicated to a lavish, elegant style. The suites inside this hotel are extravagant; marbles decorate the room, and earth tones are the central color theme, giving an elegant feel. For guests who want a special treat, a bath strewn with rose petals will appeal to the romantics. However, the suite isn’t that public, as it is meant for Vegas high rollers and VIPs only.

Chairman Suite in Venetian

10 Luxury Hotel Suites in Las Vegas

For Asians, in particular, this is a dream room. Though it may not be the most glamorous suite there is, it still boasts of stunning interiors; it is a media room in the morning, but when nighttime comes, guests can belt their hearts out as the place becomes a karaoke lounge. Practically any song you want to sing can be found in the thousands of songs filed, and for those who need the extra push to sing, there is a full bar capability around. No need to fret, as the room is completely soundproof. A group of 8 to 10 people will fit nicely inside, including a host, should you want one, provided by the Butler Services.

Salon Suite in Wynn

10 Luxury Hotel Suites in Las Vegas

If you are a seasoned traveler and luxury hotel guest, you know that Steve Wynn is the most artistic of them all. His high-end luxury hotels are carefully designed with a keen eye for detail; the owner personally oversees every aspect of his hotels, including the nightclubs. Original works of art are scattered throughout the hotel, and the suite boasts of replicas from the owner’s private collection. This is one classy suite that suits the artist in every person.

Mr. Blue in the Hard Rock Hotel

10 Luxury Hotel Suites in Las Vegas

Blue is a cool color – enough to relax every tired traveler. Classy, glamorous, and peaceful: the famed Hard Rock Hotel has chosen this color for its suite. The bed is sunken and naturally king-sized; the couches vinyl and the room is stainless steel-edged, reminding one of a half retro style, half techno. Even the wall art lends to this image. If you want a crisp, clean room that’s edgy and remains true to the theme of what made Hard Rock hotel famous, this one is perfect.

Skyloft in MGM Grand

10 Luxury Hotel Suites in Las Vegas

This suite’s name gets its inspiration from the glass that covers this room, giving one a spectacular view outside. Even the second story has glass covering it, overlooking the suite’s living room below. This is a triple-A, five-diamond hotel, meaning it will lavish you with the best service possible. Even before you arrive, a coordinator calls you and asks you about your preferences. A Maybach picks guests upon arrival, and are ushered into an impressive entrance that will take them to the hotel’s 29th and 30th floors. “Dream butlers” is also a famous addition; they will prepare a bubble bath for you as you finish your dinner or bring you any one of the 14 varieties of the “pillow buffet.”

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