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Top 10 Dangerous Bridges in the World

The world over Bridges are built for fast and secure transport. It should not be the cause of accidents once one transfer from one end to the other end. It should be sturdy enough to ensure the crossing person’s security. What’s weird is that bridges around the globe are not that safe and too risky even to attempt to pass through. Well, at least for the faint of heart. Those living near the area are no longer scared walking in these bridges since they are used to it, but for those who are new or have plans of visiting them, please do not forget the warning that will be provided. It is not also advisable, especially for those people who have a fear of heights to try it.

Let’s Explore these Dangerous Bridges around the World

We can give you one best reminder when you set foot on any of these bridges– never look down.

Trift Bridge, Switzerland

Dangerous Bridges in the World

Trift Bridge was initially constructed last 2004. Last year, it was renovated for more secure travel. Now, more hikers go to this place for one of the best Swiss encounters. It gives them a better view of the lake Trift.

Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Pakistan

Top 10 Dangerous Bridges in the World

If there is an award for being the world’s riskiest bridges, I am sure that Hussaini Hanging Bridge will be one of the top winners. A stick and rope bridge situated along the Hunza River in the Northern part of Pakistan. Hiking on this bridge will no longer be a worry once you get in Pakistan. Are you going to take the risk of traveling to Pakistan even if you know that it is not a safe country? If that so, walking on this bridge will be just a piece of cake.

Loboc Hanging Bridge, Philippines

Top 10 Dangerous Bridges in the World

Loboc Hanging Bridge was not really built to be a tourist attraction. Before, the villagers from the other side of the end used boats to be transferred to the other region. The locals then decided to build the bridge to make transfer faster. They used bamboo in putting up the bridge. Now, visitors cross the bridge to see what life or how people live on the other end of the passage. It became part of the Loboc tour experience. The bridge is also your path to be closer to nature. Greeneries and waterfalls surround this bamboo-made bridge. This bridge may not be as challenging as other wooden bridges, but adventuresome tourists took the risk.

Taman Negara National Park, Malaysia

Top 10 Dangerous Bridges in the World

You will find a suspension bridge, which is the longest in the world when you go to Malaysia’s biggest national park. Guests visit this park to appreciate the wilderness as the rainy day stops. The Peak month is every March of the year. There are different kinds of birds humming around this rain forest. The diversity of insects and swarm of fish will be seen in around a waterfall with lucid waters. An additional attraction is a hanging bridge which should be aiding you in exploring the wilds. But due to rainfall, the bridge is not that tough anymore to carry a passerby. They closed the bridge for renovation to ensure the tourist’s safety.

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, UK

Top 10 Dangerous Bridges in the World

This rope bridge is a favorite tourist spot. Guests with different nationalities gathered around the bridge last year. It is a good thing that the bridge was able to carry all of them. Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge serves as a link from the mainland going to Carrick Island.

Musou Tsuribashi bridge, Japan

Top 10 Dangerous Bridges in the World

Musou Tsuribashi Bridge’s old age probably makes it look dangerous. It has been there for 50 years. This suspension bridge made out of ropes and boards can be seen in the Japanese Alps. Walk onto this bridge when a wind is blowing, will give you a mind-blowing and blood-gushing experience. You might get through it, but it is not advisable to pass the bridge on windy days. What is even scarier is when big trunks of trees fall on you.

Aiguille du Midi, France

Top 10 Dangerous Bridges in the World

Aiguilles du Midi in the Alps of France is a safe and reliable bridge since it does not move even if many tourists pass this bridge most time of the year. Where it is located and situated makes the traveling experience terrifying yet challenging. It is on top of the mountain, connecting two cliffs giving you a 360-degree view of the area. Just don’t look down, or you might get the feeling of throwing up. If you need to rest after a quest in the French Alps, a mini-restaurant within reach is waiting for you.

Kakum National Park, Ghana

Top 10 Dangerous Bridges in the World

Another rope bridge located in a tropical rainforest will bring you closer to mother earth. A tour assistant will gladly guide you through the secret ways in this national park as different kinds of plants and animals await you. Pygmy elephants, civet, and forest buffalos are some animals that are soon to be extinct can still be seen here in Kakum Park. You are going to go through 7 hanging bridges chained together called the “Canopy Walkway.”

Ghasa, Nepal

Top 10 Dangerous Bridges in the World

This suspension bridge is used not only by a human being but by animals too. Natives of Nepal bring their animals with them as they journey along this way. Every day, hundreds of cattle walk through to get to the other end of the bridge. You may feel scared passing here, but the multitude of cattle is proof enough that the bridge is safe and sturdy.

Marienbruecke, Germany

Top 10 Dangerous Bridges in the World

It is not the Marienbruecke Bridge that will give you the adrenaline rush once you step onto it but the sheer altitude of it. Located in the Alps of Bavaria, this reliable and secure bridge is near a cliff and castle. Even if it were clear that this bridge is reliable, you’d still feel terrible with the thought that you need to cross it. The view is fantastic except when you look down.

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