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Top Hotel Wonders of the World

Before, one would refer to churches and other grand, historic structures when one speaks of architecture. Today, however, cities boast of a new kind of architectural wonder: hotels. And what better site than one that you can admire externally and sleep in once you get tired? Here are some really unique world hotels around the world.

Bella Sky in Copenhagen, Denmark

Top Hotel Wonders of the World

This hotel has two buildings inclined in different angles; they seem to be facing each other slightly. Yet this creative play using hooks is not just seen on the outside, but inside as well; there are more than 200 different rooms inside this hotel. The place where these hotels stand is near the airport, so these structures’ height could not exceed more than 246 feet. This then inspired the leaning design of the hotels. Rooms start at $155 a night.

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

Top Hotel Wonders of the World

Three towers with 55 stories constitute this immense complex of over 2000 hotel rooms, a convention center, casino, museum, waterfront promenade, several restaurants, and a shop. Connecting the three towers is an impressive SkyPark; 2.5 acres of space that houses 250 trees, gardens, beautiful 492-ft. Swimming pool, and an observatory. All of these are placed at the top—creating an illusion of a cruise ship stationed in the sky. Rooms start at $350 a night.

Southern Ocean Lodge in Australia

Top Hotel Wonders of the World

Max Pritchard creatively designed this hotel to merge into the beautiful surroundings of Australia’s Kangaroo Island. Hidden behind the cliffs, this hotel has 21 suites going down a slope, with complete glass walls that offer a stunning view of Australia’s the Southern Ocean. The suites were made using lightweight materials to carry out the least possible disturbance to the surrounding nature, and for the suites to be built on unstable conditions. The suites are constructed solidly; however, the floors are made of limestone, and every material is environmentally sound. Rooms are $1000 a night per person, with a minimum of two nights.

Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Hotel in Abu Dhabi

Top Hotel Wonders of the World

Last year, this hotel’s architectural firm won the award for this 1-billion dollar retail and residential center. It is located by the beach in Abu Dhabi and has five towers. Creating these structures was somewhat tricky, as they are all curved; the floor slabs having different shapes. The hotel itself has over 60 floors in one tower, consisting of almost 400 rooms. Rooms start at $192 a night.

Radisson Blu Aqua in Chicago, Illinois

Top Hotel Wonders of the World

In a metropolis that is already filled with iconic structures, Jeanne Gang, the architect of this impressive hotel, still made a loud buzz and sure caught attention. This glass hotel of 82 stories has wavy balconies that reflect the swirls of Lake Michigan. Naturally, this created a challenging construction; each floor plate is shaped differently, meaning different pouring concrete was necessary for each storey. To do this, concrete was poured onto a metal edge with a flexible design. It was used repeatedly—a style of green architecture. Rooms start at $175 a night.

Miura Hotel in Celadna, Czech Republic

Top Hotel Wonders of the World

A hotel that looks like a spaceship, rising over Beskydy Mountains, is made of sheet metal, Corian, stone, glass, and concrete. This ingenious hotel is made up of three different parts; the center is seemingly floating above the ground, and two wings on the side containing 44 rooms, giving each room a spectacular view of the mountains surrounding Miura. More than this, the hotel also has a vast collection of artworks by Damien Hirst, Andy Warhol, and David Cerny—including his massive 30-feet, stainless steel sculpture of a man pushing the hotel’s exterior. Rooms start at $126.

Axis Viana in Portugal

Top Hotel Wonders of the World

The village of Viana de Castelo is a perfect site for this hotel with 88 rooms. Outside, it is made up of reflective black glass, greenstone, aluminum, and the design changes the hotel’s shape, depending on the viewer’s vantage point. Inside, the hotel is made up of materials that consist of stone and wood and white finishes. Outside, the hotel is bordered by a swimming pool and a stunning view of the mountain St. Luzia and the River Lima. Rooms start at $100 a night.

Hotel Consolacion in Teruel, Spain

Top Hotel Wonders of the World

Located on top of a ridge, the hotel is a collection of wooden, modern “Kube” suites. The site is situated perfectly in Teruel, a rural town in the mountains, roughly three hours from Valencia and Barcelona. The ten Kubes are sleek and are well-contrasted by the almond and olive trees around them. Each of the suites features a glass wall that, when opened, leads to a terrace. A hermitage from the 14th century has been converted and used as a common area for the hotel guests. Rooms start at $185.

Yas Viceroy Hotel in Abu Dhabi

Top Hotel Wonders of the World

The almost-500 room hotel has a racetrack of Formula 1—the first in the world. It has two towers, each with 12 stories, joined together by a 700-feet’ skin’ made of steel and glass, which is composed of 5,800 panels made of glass that are diamond-shaped. These are illuminated by LED at night and reflect the beautiful sky in the morning. This design is no accident; it serves to reflect Islamic arts and craft from ancient times, and from afar, the panels take on the form of a beautiful and magnificent veil. Rooms start at $210.

Radisson Blu in Stockholm, Sweden

Top Hotel Wonders of the World

The hotel consists of 414 rooms and is made of white and black stones. The centre of attraction is its conference centre: a structure made of glass with its exterior of stainless steel, semi-transparent rods—all 13 miles of it reflecting the water and the sky, changing the skyline. A play of geometric shapes and straight lines make up the interior of this Stockholm hotel. Rooms start at $155 a night.

Hotel Americano in New York

Top Hotel Wonders of the World

This 10-story hotel is conveniently located on a previous parking lot in the famous Chelsea neighbourhood in Manhattan. The hotel seems to be a giant sculpture made of metal, making it right for galleries’ area. The floors are wrapped with the mesh of stainless steel and are connected by catwalks. There are 56 rooms in the hotel and a couple of restaurants; a café and a couple of bars. A pool on the roof deck, a relaxing garden terrace, and a bar are also included. Rooms start at $295 a night.

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