Top 10 Mega Cruise Ships

When we say Mega Ships, we don’t mean the size but the entire assortment of luxurious accommodations and attractions these ships have to offer. From Swarovski-stairs to planetariums, these top 10 Mega Ships are elite class. So if you’re planning to go on a cruise, do it in style in one of these Mega Ships.

Queen Mary 2 of Cunard Cruises

Top 10 Mega Cruise Ships

True to its name, there is no cruise ship more elegant than or as magnificent as the Queen Mary 2, which is world-famous for its 108-Day World Voyage. The QM2 was baptized by Queen Elizabeth II and went on its maiden voyage in 2004. The QM2 is said to cost $800 million. QM2 can carry around 2,620 people along with its crew of 1,300. A ship this enormous features more than just spas and five-star restaurants, though notably, the famous Veuve Clicquot Champagne Bar can be found onboard and 15 others and the luxurious Canyon Ranch SpaClub®, gym, basketball courts, and even golf in virtual reality. But of all these amenities, the QM2 is the only ship in existence with a planetarium and the notable Cunard ConneXions. This onboard educational program covers wine tasting, photography, British comedy, acting workshops, and even filmmaking! The suites, cabins, duplexes, and balconies of the QM2 all reek of royal elegance like no other vessel in the world.

Celebrity Century of Celebrity Cruises

Top 10 Mega Cruise Ships

Celebrity Cruises is known for its luxurious theme cruises fit for the crème de la crème. One of their famous ships is the Celebrity Century that underwent a significant renovation in 2006. Today, not only will you be able to bask in your private balconies, but you can also have your butler to do your every bidding. Notably, Celebrity Century boasts of the original “ice bar” theme. They have 314 private balconies and 174 brand new Concierge Class cabin rooms that come with state-of-the-art bathroom facilities and a wide variety of pillows to choose from for your comfort. The renovated Celebrity Century also has 14 new Sky Suites. A cruise onboard the Celebrity Century is a dream come true for every young socialite. There’s nothing like waking up in an elegant suite, pampering yourself at the spa, massaging your palette with the best of world-class cuisines in various onboard restaurants, and mingling with your friends over cocktails and meeting your fellow travelers.

Pacific Jewel of P&O Cruises Australia

Top 10 Mega Cruise Ships

The Pacific Jewel, an almost identical twin sister, called the Pacific Dawn, used to go by the following names: Ocean Village Two, Crown Princess, and A’Rosa Blu. The Pacific Jewel weighs about 70,000 tonnes and stretches to the size of almost 2 ½ football arenas. When it first sailed in late 2009, it boasted of the first trapeze and high-wire performances of the onboard circus. Moreover, it is the home of the most oversized onboard spa that has ever sailed in the southern hemisphere— Aqua Heath, Spa & Fitness Centre™–and the Salt Grill restaurant that features the company’s very first-star chef, Luke Mangan. Amazingly, despite its high-class Spa and Fitness Centre that measures almost 14,000 square feet, the Pacific Jewel offers a balcony room at an affordable price.

MS Panorama of Avalon Waterways

Top 10 Mega Cruise Ships

If you fancy cruising Europe in a brand new ship on its maiden voyage, you can count on Avalon Ships for that. Avalon Waterways pride themselves in adding brand new boats on their impressive lineup year after year. Avalon Waterways have also revealed that they will be debuting a one-of-a-kind “Suite Ship” called the MS Panorama in May next year. The maiden MS Panorama boasts of the best cruise experience with their “Open-Air Balconies” and state-of-the-art “Panoramic Windows” as it sails along Danube and Rhine rivers. The new MS Panorama also carries 17 of Avalon’s well-known deluxe cabins and 64 innovative Panoramic Suites. The maiden ship’s 200-sq ft of space also comes with wide seating lounges that also features the “Panoramic Windows” that opens to the “Open-Air Balconies.”

MSC Fantasia of MSC Cruises

Top 10 Mega Cruise Ships

The MSC Fantasia has been pegged as the ship of dreams not only because of its name but also its lavishness. Where else can you find a staircase that has Swarovski crystals in them, huh? The next thing you know, they even have a pink unicorn. Kidding aside, the MSC Fantasia does boast of a famous Swarovski crystal-laden staircase and transparent roofs that are perfect for stargazing and sunsets. There’s also Fantasia’s aqua park that features around 150 fountains that are musical and pool complete with slides. If that’s not enough, venture into the MSC Aurea Spa that is like a big sauna with its heating caves, the F1 simulator, and a 4-D theater. This dream ship is home to about 1,637 cabins, several private verandas, and roughly 290,628 sq feet of milling space.

Oasis of the Seas of the Royal Caribbean Line

Top 10 Mega Cruise Ships

Amounting to more than $1 billion, the Oasis of the Seas is said to be the world’s most giant ship at present, carrying almost 5,400 passengers. It is so enormous that it has been segregated into seven neighborhoods, namely, Pool and Sports Zone, Vitality at Sea Spa and Fitness Center, Boardwalk, Royal Promenade, Central Park, Youth Zone, and Entertainment Place. Each of these neighborhoods features different amenities to suit any vacationer’s fancy. Still, the most notable are the following: wall-climbing areas, a grand carousel, a zip line, and the Aqua Theatre that sits almost 750 persons and features a magnificent underwater ballet show.

In the Central Park neighborhood, travelers are transported into uptown New York where boutiques, bars, restaurants, and olive trees are planted along with 12,000 plants onboard. In the Pool and Sports Zone lies the Solarium, which is solely for adults only. Here, adults can enjoy swimming in the pool or simply relaxing. It is also a suitable location for romantic dinners or late-night clubbing at Club 20. You can find the zipline in the Sports Deck of the Pool and Sports Zone and the surf simulators, miniature golf, and basketball courts and volleyball courts. The Vitality at Sea Spa and Fitness Center offers heating suites, couple massages, a fitness center, yoga, Pilates, and a healthy café for fitness conscious travelers.

If Central Park features Manhattan’s taste, the Boardwalk features a slice of life at the Coney Island. It carries the first grand carousel at sea, traditional carnival favorites like games, psychic readings, tattoo parlors, Johnny Rockets restaurants, donut shops, and even a candy bar. The Royal Promenade is twice the wide as the other promenades on other cruise ships and is about the long as a football field. The Royal Promenade is Oasis’ welcome point for all travelers. They can shop at the retail stores for designer clothes like Calypso, Kenneth Cole, Ed Hady, and Marc Jacobs. Perfume and make up boutiques like Lancome, Chanel, and Dior are also available. There are also restaurants on the Royal Promenade like the Mondo Coffee Bar, Schooner Bar, Sorrento’s Pizzeria, and the Rising Tide Bar.

Having kids onboard the Oasis of the Seas is no problem because it has a 28,000 sq ft Youth Zone made specifically for the young travelers’ enjoyment. There’s a nursery built for babies and a Kids Avenue, a kiddie version of the Royal Promenade. Kid’s Arcade, indoor playground, Adventure Science Lab, and the Adventure Ocean Theater that can seat almost 100 viewers will sure keep your children busy and entertained. Teens will also find their jive in amenities built for young adults like The Living Room and the Fuel Disco. And of course, a dedicated “night club” area is made for an adult—the Entertainment place that features adult-appropriate entertainment like live jazz and blues place called Jazz on 4, Comedy Live, a night club called Blaze, and a dance lounge called Dazzles.

Celebrity Solstice by Celebrity Cruises

Top 10 Mega Cruise Ships

Onboard, the Celebrity Solstice is half an acre worth of real grass called the Lawn Club, where travelers can go on a picnic or play a croquet game and bocce and enjoy natural light coming from the sun, thus the name “sol” which means “sun” in Spanish. Ergo, the sun is an essential aspect of the ship as it powers around 216 solar panels that contribute to the ship’s electric power and nurture the real grass onboard.

Celebrity Cruises’ trademark AquaClass™ cabins are also onboard the Celebrity Solstice and its expansive bathrooms. This cruise ship can carry around 2,800 passengers who are sure to enjoy and just the state-of-the-art accommodations and Lawn Clubs and the Cellarmasters, an onboard wine tour inspired by the Napa Valley Wine Region. Here, you can experience the onboard’s distinct flavors and even discover new flavors as you board the ship and learn about wines’ incredible world.

Dining at Celebrity Solstice is one heck of an experience with its two-story tower made of wine glasses and its amazing chandeliers that give the dining areas that much sought-after Hollywood feel at the Grand Epernay Dining Room. There are also other elegant restaurants onboard the Celebrity Solstice, namely Tuscan Grille, Silk Harvest, Blu, Murano, Oceanview Café and bar, Bistro on Five, and AquaSpa Café.

Entertainment on Celebrity Solstice is impressive with its vast array of entertainment hubs such as the Ensemble Lounge for that perfect venue for Cosmopolitans ; Quasar Night Club for some night club jive mixed with some retro flare; Martini Bar and Crush that is famous for its frosted bar, table center filled with ice that’s just the perfect spot for caviar and vodka tastings; Fortunes Casino for some Monte Carlo-themed lucky poker nights; Galleria Tastings for those who the culture vultures who like mixing fashion with exotic food, drinks, arts, and jewelry; Michael’s Club for laid back travelers who enjoy the warmth of wood furniture and classic formal vibes; Passport Bar that is inspired by large open spaces of a yacht where you can mingle with fellow travelers in a relaxed setting; Celebrity Carnival for that lively entertainment of comedy shows, classic films, and live music; Solstice Theatre for intimate theatre performances; and of course, the Sky Observation Lounge that has floor-to-ceiling windows that surely piques on the traveler’s imagination about the universe.

Ruby Princess of Princess Cruises

Top 10 Mega Cruise Ships

Princess Cruises’ Ruby Princess made its debut in 2008. It boasted of the tasteful atrium that mimicked a piazza complete with quaint restaurants and street performers. One of its notable amenities is the Movie Under the Stars—a 300 sq. ft. The screen that can be seen by people who mill about in the famous Calypso Pool. Movies are shown day and night.

Almost 80% of the room accommodations at the Ruby Princess have verandas. Some mini-suites have a fabulous walk-in closet while the Grand Suites have their dining rooms if guests want to enjoy their meals in solitude. The Ruby Princess’ chambers are basked in elegant pastel colors. Dining at Ruby Princess is a feast, especially since master chef Alfredo Marzi is on board. Many restaurants on the Ruby Princess like the Sabatini’s, Sterling Steakhouse, Crown Grill, and Café Caribe.

Ruby Princess will also offer the popular Movies Under the Stars, multiple entertainment options, Personal Choice Dining featuring traditional or Anytime seating, Lotus Spa with fitness center, an extensive children and teen’s center, a wedding chapel, and nearly 900 staterooms with private balconies — perfect for enjoying the scenic Caribbean islands.

One of the remarkable features of the Ruby Princess is the poolside theatre and the cinemas that are located outdoors. Adult passengers will surely love The Sanctuary, an outdoor spa-like relaxation venue that offers an assortment of massages, personalized entertainment, healthy meals, and extraordinary beverages. The Sanctuary is partnered with Serenity Stewards, who wait at your hand and feet with MP3 players that suit your music tastes, headphones that ward off outside noise, cool face towels, and water atomizers. Suppose you’re wary of taking a nap or getting a massage at the poolside lounges. In that case, private rooms are also available where you can indulge in the Lotus Spa’s great massage services that’s also located at The Sanctuary. The kids can also enjoy pools, particularly the one that lets them swim against the tide. Now, if you’re on board looking for love and is lucky enough to find it somewhere on this magnificent vessel, there is a wedding chapel inside called the Hearts and Minds where you can get married.

MV Orion by Orion Expedition Cruises

Top 10 Mega Cruise Ships

Initially, the MV Orion is designed for an expedition. Still, the marvelous vessel exudes such luxury in every aspect, from its technology up to its furnishings. German company Cassens Shipyard built the MV Orion, and it was launched sometime in November 2003. Even back then, the MV Orion already boasted of its advanced technology in maritime ecological procedures that eventually set new standards.

The MV Orion has 31 suites and 22 cabins with fantastic views of the ocean and all the necessities and luxuries that passengers would request. Apart from the great accommodations, the MV Orion also offers excellent facilities such as the glass elevator for easy access to the Cosmos Lecture Theatre and the Galaxy Observation Lounge with 270º views. There’s also the girl shop called Boutique, a gym for figure-conscious people, beauty salons, an onboard infirmary, a Jacuzzi Spa found on the Sun Deck, an advanced theatre meant for lectures and a library.

When you want to socialize, head to the Leda Lounge and Cocktail Bar, but if you want to experience a slice of the marine life, the MV Orion offers guests with inflatable kayaks, goggles, fins, and snorkels. Health buffs can also try the Vega Health Spa that has a parched unisex sauna.

At present, most of the MV Orion passengers are mixed with old and young people. There are sports enthusiasts, divers, and couples, so the dress code isn’t that strict and stiff. Camaraderie is sparked on board through cocktails and coffee at the fully air-conditioned bar at the MV Orion.

Onboard the MV Orion is famous chef Serge Dansereau. A fresh load of seafood cooked gourmet style is merely divine that they make passengers beg for more.

MV True North by True North

Top 10 Mega Cruise Ships

One of Australia’s most refined and most luxurious cruise ships, True North, offers magnificent vessels intended for expeditions that take travelers to a one-of-a-kind cruise. True North allows travelers to experience the incredible wilderness, waterfalls, and remote islands to go snorkeling or fishing.

This expedition cruise ship is designed with great sundeck, lounges, alfresco bar, and observation lounges that passengers will genuinely enjoy. All of True North’s cabins are stylish and elegant. The Explorer Class has a king-size double bed, large windows with great views, mini bar, and a satellite phone.

Dining at True North offers a wide range of freshly caught seafood. Couples can also go on a “heli-picnic” for a romantic getaway. If you opt to dine on board, the dining room located on the lower deck has become a preferred dining spot because of its large windows that offer a panoramic view of the sea.

In essence, True North offers a lot of beautiful adventures onboard and off the board. It allows you to explore the wilderness with all the comforts of luxury.

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