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5 Unique Cooking Classes around the Globe

If you have a passion for cooking and have attended cooking classes on the road, there is that different feeling of being a local and enjoying the access to all the best local ingredients. The excellent cooking classes available to travelers are being conducted by home cooks who know to use the local products and produce.

There are bed and breakfasts that welcome guests in their kitchen while also locals open their kitchens to let others know what the flavors are like from where they live. The options are endless, depending on where you are and where you want to go. Still, some of the best cooking classes offer unique experiences for travelers:

Souk Cuisine in Marrakech

Unique Cooking Classes around the Globe

If you love Moroccan food, you will learn how to prepare it like a local at Souk Cuisine. You will know the ins and outs of preparing the big meal for the big family. Your day starts early with the souk’s tour to find the ingredients you need and then putting everything together in the courtyard, learning some secrets from the local cooks. The best part is, of course, trying everything out at the end of the day.

The Floating Chef in California

Unique Cooking Classes around the Globe

If you are prone to seasickness, this cooking class is not for you. The floating Chef is a culinary school hosted on a fifty-three-foot yacht near the coast of San Diego. You will have a range of cooking lessons to choose from, like learning the basics of using the knife and hone your chopping skills, preparing a menu for a spa lunch, serving Italian dinner, or even serving brunch for a special occasion like the Mother’s Day.

Tamarind Cooking School in Laos

Unique Cooking Classes around the Globe

Tamarind is a quaint cooking school of a local cafe in Laos where travelers will take their first steps to master Lao cuisine’s flavors. The Tamarind offers cooking courses where they will take the travelers to the markets to find the best produce and fish to cook them in the cafe’s kitchen with the Nam Khan River as the backdrop. They also host a Lao Feast on Fridays where locals and travelers feast on favorite local dishes like fish cooked in banana leaves and lemongrass and purple rice in all its coconut milk richness for dessert.

Kea Artisanal in Greece

Unique Cooking Classes around the Globe

Kea Artisanal is not your ordinary cooking school where you will learn the basics in the kitchen. The experience is an immersion in Greece’s flavors, so expect olive oil, wines, cheese, meals with friends and restaurant owners, and a walking tour of the local markets to find the best ingredients. The cooking classes, of course, teach you to bring all the things together.

Jean Georges Culinary Master Course in NYC

Unique Cooking Classes around the Globe

New York City offers a lot of choices if you want to master of pleasing palates. One of the best can be found at the Trump International Hotel, the Jean Georges Culinary Master Course. You can have a private cooking class with the Jean George Vongerichten for an hour and then follow it thru with a pastry class for $9,000. That might hurt the pocket, but it is all worth it. It also goes with a three-night accommodation at the Executive Park Suite.

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